Monday, December 31, 2007

a new beginning.

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.

- Carol Burnett

December 31, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR! yes! it's a brand new year for all of us! 2008 is here! but before facing this brand new start, let's first thank GOD for all the blessings we had received in 2007. Let's also look back to those who made our 2007 memorable and one of a kind. And now the year 2008 is here, let's make it one brand new start for all of us. A new year to continue living and loving our loved ones. Let's forget all the pain and sorrow we had experienced the previous year and make a new and happy life this year. New Year means the earth has finished its 365.5 revolution around the sun and starting to revolve again. This revolution symbolizes our hope to start again if we have failed the previous year. What a new start to begin? isn't it? Let's start our year right!! ♥
-i love all the people who made my previous year meaningful and those that will continue sharing their lives with me this new year and the coming years to come..♥

Saturday, December 29, 2007

destiny finds its way.

Geee! i really love this movie! i keep watching it many times! so cute! destiny is really on its way to you wherever and whenever you are..♥ here's the plot for you to have an overview.. ;)
The story begins around 150 years ago, in an English town named Wall, which is built beside a wall that is a portal to a magical realm of Stormhold. After a young man named Dunstan Thorne (the older version of whom is played by Nathaniel Parker later in the film) crosses the wall, he meets a captured princess named Una (Kate Magowan) who is used as the slave of the witch Ditchwater Sal (Melanie Hill). She gives him a glass flower, which she claims will bring him incredible luck, for the price of a kiss. Dunstan makes love to her and returns through the portal to his hometown of Wall the next day. Nine months later, Una sends him a baby in a basket, their infant son, Tristan.
Eighteen years later, the King of Stormhold (Peter O'Toole) is dying, and his four surviving sons (Septimus, Primus, Tertius, and Secundus) fight over who will be the next king while their three brothers already dead (Quartus, Quintus, and Sextus) look on as ghosts. After Secundus (Rupert Everett) appears late, and is tricked into being pushed off a balcony by Septimus (Mark Strong), he becomes a ghost as well. The King turns a ruby into a diamond and says that whichever son retrieves it and returns it to a ruby will be king. The ruby knocks a star out of the sky, which the grown Tristan Thorne (Charlie Cox) sees. Tristan promises to retrieve the star for the beautiful yet conventional Victoria (Sienna Miller) to prove his love for her. However, at the same time, three witch sisters; Lamia, Empusa and Mormo, see the falling star, and Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer), leaves to capture it so, by devouring its heart, she and her sisters will be restored to beauty and power. Tristan tries to cross the wall, but the guard, in spite of his old age, manages to stop him.
Dunstan gives Tristan the glass flower and a package left with him by his mother, which contains a letter and a Babylon candle that allows one to travel wherever one wishes. Though intending to travel to his mother, Tristan accidentally thinks of Victoria and the fallen star and instead finds himself at the star's crash site in Stormhold and ends up bowling over a startled young woman named Yvaine (Claire Danes), who, it turns out, is the star. Tristan resolves to take her back to Victoria anyway and traps her with an enchanted chain and promising her the remains of the Babylon candle if she comes with him to Victoria. Meanwhile, Septimus kills Tertius and the Bishop with a glass of wine. Primus survives, as he drank the one glass of unpoisoned wine (intended for the Bishop).
Yvaine manages to escape Tristan with the help of a Unicorn, but is lured into a trap by Lamia, who is posing as an innkeeper. The stars whisper to Tristan while he sleeps, telling him he must protect 'their sister' Yvaine. Tristan convinces Primus, who is passing by on a coach, to let him join him and the pair arrive at the Inn. There, Lamia kills Primus by slitting his throat (leaving Septimus as the only remaining son and putative heir), and both Yvaine and Tristan barely escape with their lives when Tristan uses the stub of his Babylon candle to transport them "home"; but because they have differing ideas of home, they go halfway between both the sky and Earth and are stranded on clouds.
Tristan and Yvaine are captured by the "notorious" Captain Shakespeare (Robert De Niro) on a flying pirate ship, but he reveals that he is secretly a flamboyant cross dresser who shuns killing, is very proud of his reputation, and used to dream of crossing the Wall to England like Tristan dreams of traveling to far away places. He teaches them various things, such as fencing, the piano, and the waltz. Shakespeare drops off Yvaine and Tristan near Wall (and gives advice to Tristan that his true love may be the star). Shortly afterwards, Shakespeare's crew saves him from Septimus, who is now tracking Yvaine as well, since he wants both the ruby that she carries and her heart, so that he can gain immortality and rule forever. After Septimus fled the ship, the crew reveal they always knew the Captain was a "whoopsie".
Meanwhile, Tristan and Yvaine meet Sal, who still has Una prisoner, but in the form of a bluebird (leaving her unable to speak to her son). Sal tricks Tristan into giving up his magic flower (which protects the wearer from magic) for a ride to the wall and turns him into a 'mouse' (actually a sugar glider) out of spite. As they travel, Yvaine admits her love to Tristan who doesn't seem to notice anything but his piece of cheese. Sal keeps her end of the bargain and changes him back to human form and in an inn, Tristan asks if Yvaine meant what she said in the caravan. Shocked and confused, she is comforted by Tristan who reveals he loves her as well.
While Yvaine sleeps, Tristan leaves her to deliver a lock of her hair to Victoria, intending to tell his former love that he has found the star, but no longer wishes to marry her. While in England, Tristan notices that Yvaine's hair has turned into fragments of rock, showing that she cannot enter his land and keep her human form. Shocked, he quickly goes to return to her. At the same time, Lamia, Yvaine, Una, and Ditchwater Sal meet at the border between Wall and Stormhold (Yvaine believes that Tristan has returned to marry Victoria and intends to enter Wall to find him. Una steals Sal's caravan to warn her that if she enters Wall, Yvaine will turn into a rock). Lamia kills Sal, freeing Una from her chain, however after Una tries to protect Yvaine from the witch, both are taken captives by the sisters. Septimus and Tristan form an uneasy alliance and rush to save Yvaine, whose heart Lamia is about to take. In the ensuing battle, Lamia's sisters are killed, but Lamia kills Septimus in turn and reanimates his corpse to attack Tristan. Tristan crushes him with a chandelier. Lamia feigns grief over the deaths of her sisters and pretends to let the couple leave, but then locks them in to kill them. Yvaine tells Tristan to hold her, which sets off a massive burst of starlight so intensely bright that Lamia is killed. Yvaine tells Tristan that she could only do that when she was truly happy, as she was now that she knows he loves her.
Una reveals that she was the only daughter of the King of Stormhold, which makes her son, Tristan, the throne's only surviving male heir. After retrieving the gem from the necklace Yvaine had been carrying, the red from the colourless ruby returns, proving that Tristan is of royal blood. In the end Tristan becomes the new king with Yvaine as his queen. At the coronation, Una, now reunited with Dunstan, presents Yvaine with a Babylon candle. After eighty years of ruling (once their children and grandchildren have grown up), Tristan and Yvaine light the Babylon candle and travel into the heavens, where they become twin stars.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

sunday morning.

December 02, 2007

oh yes,it's a sunday morning.cold it is.i had bacon and toast bread as breakfast.antok pa ko.naayos ko na rin gamit ko kasi later balik elbi nanaman ako.ngayon ko lang naisip lagi ko ng ginagawa to pag sunday.yung mag-ayos ng gamit kasi babalik na ko sa campus uli.sad it is kasi malayo ka sa family.pero nandun yung fact na kailangan mong magtiis kasi im still studying..

pagdating sa dorm,ayun.ayos gamit.linis.then uupo sa desk ko para mag-aral,mag-review ng lessons for the next day.i never get tired of it kasi i know lahat ng ginagawa ko's for me naman.

one thing pa this sunday morning, i got confused paggising ko.ewan ko ba.may naisip kasi ako.i felt sad.hmm.ano kaya yun? hehe..well sa akin na lang yun.

ow and december na pala.lapit na new year! 2008! hehe..hope na may bago..

ayun wala lang,naisip ko lang gumawa ng blog ngayon kasi one week nanaman akong di makakapagnet dahil nasa dorm ako.